What stops you from becoming a giant in your industry using social media marketing? The answer is fear. Think about all the places that you could use to increase your business if you just put aside your fears and tried. Here are a few of our favorites:

• YouTube

• Facebook

• Google+

• LinkedIn

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Pinterest

What type of content produces the biggest results on most of these social media sites? Video beats any other type of content. This is where the fear factor hits for most people. They cannot imagine sitting in front of a camera and talking for five to thirty minutes to share a story. The idea of doing a video makes their hands sweat and their heart pound. You need to get over it. If you want to become a big success, using social media marketing you must use video. Let us talk about some ways for you to overcome your fear and hesitation.


The first suggestion is just start. Turn on your webcam and start recording some horrible videos.

Do it as simple video blog and upload them to YouTube. You can even joke in your videos about how terrible you look today and how your message is rambling. The important thing is to do it. One of the top leaders in the network-marketing world recently issued a challenge to his entire organization to create videos for 90 days straight. Imagine how much improvement you would make in 90 days of doing a video blog on YouTube.

A video blog allows you to relax and just talk about anything. You do not have to stay focused on your business. You can share about a video you watched, the book you are reading, or something that happened in your life. This is your playground to improve your skills and at the same time to start creating a bigger presence in social media. We recommend sharing your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to increase your viewers.

Office view and screen2

Along with doing a video blog, you should start doing a tutorial or sales video several times each week. Create content people will enjoy watching.

These videos can be done using screen recording software like Camtasia. We recommend using your own voice to narrate your videos since it adds a personal touch and helps expand your authority and impact in your market.

Yes, we claimed we were going to help you overcome your fear. The only way you are going to overcome your fear is to start making the videos, sharing them, and enjoy the embarrassment. You are going to make some bad videos the first few weeks. How do we know that? We made terrible videos for weeks. We felt the sweat. Our voice shook as we talked. Our hands trembled as we tried to focus on what we wanted to say. After we recorded videos for 21 days, things started to change. We started feeling relaxed. Our confidence grew. The only way you will overcome your fear of video in your social media marketing is to dive head first into recording videos. It may be uncomfortable for a few weeks. Once your confidence grows, your marketing impact will skyrocket.

To your success!



  1. Hi Amaka,Interesting post. I have done about 10 videos, all just terrible. I see that making more and more I will improve. I will be making some more now that I have learned how to do them on my laptop and how to upload them to youtube. Thanks for the encouraging post


  2. Hi Amaka

    You are so right and Video beats all other forms of content. As you shared, the issue with videos is fear and showing confidence on the screen. Thanks for the tips shared as it will boost confidence indeed.



  3. awazieikechi says:

    Hi Amaka

    You are so right and video beats all other types of content. What prevents people from being confident on the screen is fear. It is a great thing that you share awesome tips to overcome this issue. Thanks


  4. da1sy says:

    Some good tips, I think lack of knowledge also plays a part. But once we are aware of the opportunity it is our responsibility to go and learn about it!

    Enjoy the journey!


  5. lydia23224 says:

    Hey Amaka, great post I had to share this with a team member that is frozen at the thought of doing his first video. I still laugh at my first videos but I leave them up the content is good and like my mentor told me seeing my growth is encouraging for myself and others.


  6. Ruth Bowers says:

    You are so right that the only way to overcome the fear of making videos is to just make videos. I’m working my way up to that right now. Not quite there yet… maybe this week. 🙂


    • Dream Team One Marketing says:

      Thank you Ruth. Facing our fear is the way to go. Willingness to make correction and more move forward is important as well. Some people give up so fast.


  7. Taiwo Emayosanlomo says:

    Hi Amaka,
    For a very long time, I use to think social media is just a place to post some random quotes, and pictures, until a friend started talking about platform building. When I checked his social media engagement, it was very huge. I study what he does. I found out that he consistently feed his audience with valuable content, then I started doing the same. My platform is growing right now. As for posting a video, I have never done any, I will see how I can leverage on that. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Dream Team One Marketing says:

      Not only you Taiwo a lot of people think so. The sad thing is so many still think the same today. Everything about Social Media is changing so fast.


  8. kleebanks says:

    Yes, you’re right – fear, for sure! I don’t like how my own voice sounds and I’m self-conscious about my weight, so I definitely haven’t jumped on the video bandwagon. I am trying to overcome that fear, though, and will consider trying again.


  9. Hi Amaka,

    I do enjoy social media. Well, FB and G Plus, sometimes Pinterest. But, I’ve not yet figured out how to pimp them for sales and list building. Your suggestions in this post gave me a few different ideas. Don’t know about doing vids, though – whole new can of skill sets. Thanks for the encouragement.


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